Christina England

Having been raised in a military household, Christina learned the value and importance of organization and preparation and attributes those two characteristics to her professional success. A St. Mary’s graduate, Christina began working in the marketing industry in May of 2011 as a summer intern, planning to stay with the company for 3 short months before returning to college to complete her Master’s.

Due to her performance in her internship, Christina was invited to attend a National Conference with the company in Nashville and quickly learned about the long-term growth opportunities available in marketing & sales.  Over the next 2 years, Christina learned everything the company had to offer from marketing, sales, team building, training, interviewing, payroll and advertisement and was offered an internal position in the company overseeing the Human Resources Department.

For the last 3 years, Christina has continuously developed her recruitment and intern team and oversees everything from advertisement, brand & social media management, hiring and most importantly employee relations and satisfaction.  Her dedication and commitment to the company and passion for her people are one of a kind but it was her entrepreneurial abilities that led her to creating C&A Web Designs with partner, Aja Davies.


C10 Christina-Business-Card